Written Review

Order Description
1. write a review of the paper; The compelling effects of compulsory schooling: evidence from Canada.
2. Instruction of the review
(i) What is the objective of the study? What is the author trying to accomplish? What is the point of the paper?
(ii) Literature review: how does the paper fit into the current literature? The published paper will have this as part of the text, and you may decide to read a few extra papers to expand your presentation.
(iii) Data set: if the paper is an empirical one, what data and sample period was used in the analysis?
(iv) Methodology: What methodology is the author using and why? How does the methodology compare to what was done in other published papers?
(v) What are the conclusions of the paper?
(vi) What are the limitations of the analysis in the paper? Are the results in any way dependent upon the sample period or methodology?
(vii) If you were to recommend future research in the area, what would you recommend?